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Investigating the strange and unusual.  Based in the Portland, Oregon area. Serving the Pacific Northwest.  
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We  investigate NW UFO reports including “cold cases”.  Most recent sightings are investigated by SEI members who are certified MUFON field investigators, under the umbrella of Oregon MUFON.


We conduct public and private property investigations into hauntings and related activity.  

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The universe is a big place.  We have yet to understand even a fraction of its mystery. But we’re still looking. Have a Strange Event story to share?  Tell us more!

Our Mission

Our mission is to research, locate, examine, study, and document the unusual.  We strive to stretch the boundaries of our own limited human understanding.  We gather and share evidence, seeking to discover, not to convince.  UFOs, crop circles, hauntings, cryptozoology, temporal anomalies, animal die-offs ... if it is a strange event, it is worthy of further study.  Give us a call to investigate and document your strange event. We perform a very limited number of paranormal investigations each year,
only two or three.  We will treat your investigation request seriously. 
In order to insure your
privacy, we will exchange confidentiality agreements with
you before any investigation begins.  To
ensure your safety, we will also provide
full personnel details, should you desire to perform
background checks on our
investigators before allowing us into your home or business.  Each
investigation is very thorough.  We will spend several days on evidence analysis
review in detail the 30-50 hours of video and audio likely to be collected
during a single
investigation.  We will share the results with you as soon as this
analysis is complete. 



Unidentified object over Beaverton, OR Cemetery investigation in Sherwood, OR. Mysterious tunnel. Photo courtesy of Matthew Williams Home Home